Avanse is a nonprofit whose mission is to advance the lives of street children in the world’s most neglected and violent slums.

We accomplish our mission through four levers: Outreach, Rehabilitation, Education and Reintegration. We bring opportunity to the slums to ensure street children move forward and rise above their circumstances.


Please join Avanse at the Harold Washington Library Garden in Chicago on Friday, August 17th for our:

Annual "Believe in the Possible" Black-Tie Gala

Join us for a unique, modern and inspirational evening in celebration of our boys, our team in Haiti and you-- our donors! Attend the gala with over 400 guests, Jenny Milkowski, as the Master of Ceremony, alongside celebrity guests, speciality cocktails, gourmet cuisine, live and silent auctions, and live performances by James Hannan and Cubs National Anthem singer John Vincent, and a live interactive art by Chicago local, Jenny Vyas at the Harold Washington Library Winter Garden.


We believe it is possible to create a world where no child should have to sleep on the street. 

The term ‘Street Child’ is used to refer to a group of vulnerable and marginalized children whose lives are spent either living or working on the streets.

According to Unicef, 40 Million Street children live in Latin America and the Caribbean

Children end up on the street Due to abuse, poverty and family breakdown


Children on the streetS are often subject to abuse, neglect and sexual exploitation

Avanse practices a progressive model for nonprofits with a focus on improving the capacity, delivery and availability of education and life skills programs for street children. We believe the best method for innovation and change is to customize solutions for outreach by addressing the needs of street children specific to their location.

The United Nations estimates that there are 150 million street children globally

Not every child receives the chance to enjoy a safe and loving childhood. 1/3 of street children are in our region throughout the Americas and Caribbean. Without proper attention and outreach, these numbers will continue to climb.

Poverty, family instability, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, the death of a parent, and other socio-economic pressures force destitute children to seek out living on the streets. These streets are a dangerous place for children. A child who sleeps on the street endures untold suffering just to survive. 

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