Our Work in Colombia

 The La Lleva project services children whose parents are sex workers from the streets as well as children who live in a high risk neighborhood of drugs and gang activity called Barrio La Gloria. Serving over 30 children between the ages of 7 and 13 years old "La Lleva" is an educational program that teaches different values and empowerment through an art curriculum while also providing a safe environment that prevents these children from spending time on the streets. AvanseOrg in collaboration with Artemisia Fundación operate in Bucaramanga, Colombia. 


Nidia Coy Gomes


Zulay Carolina Rueda


Topic: II Lab First Aid

We started our second first aid lab discussing fractures and falls. The idea is to teach children useful things that will help them in their daily lives. All of this thanks to a group of medical volunteers who want to join the social project, bringing their knowledge and amazing attitude. They have committed as of this week to work with the children once every six weeks.

One of the volunteers belongs to a research group that studies sexual abuse in children, which comes in very handy since we are suspecting after consulting a psychiatrist that his behavior is either gender identity related or abuse related.

The activity went well because the first aid lab was a success. For this second part we carried bandages, carton and images of burns and some human bones to give them visual understanding teaching them new words and concepts, but mostly how to prevent injuries and how to react in case something like this were to happen.

With examples of daily life accidents such as burning with a pot or having a sprain while playing football, the children understood how they could carry out these emergencies while they go to a health center. We learned to put bandages on the arms and legs also to perform the proper burn protocol depending on the degree of the burn.

We realized the importance of transmitting this knowledge so they can act in a very elementary way when they have some kind of problem such as burns, fractures or wounds.

The most advanced achievement is that children on their own wash their hands before beginning any activity. (And they do it following the steps taught on the first lab). This was learned so fast and with such enthusiasm that we are finally achieving one of our main goals, which is to be able to transfer knowledge to the families of the children through them, they are talking now about how they are teaching their parents what they learn in class.